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National Flood Insurance Program Moves Close to Reauthorization

According to the Travelers Insurance Agent newsletter just received:

The Senate was back in Washington yesterday and while they weren’t able to pass the bill yesterday that contains the extension of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), the Senate has passed cloture by a vote of 60-30 on the motion to proceed to the short term extension bill (H.R. 4851).

This was an important first step in getting the NFIP reauthorized.  What this means is that the Senate will now have 30 hours to debate the bill.  We anticipate that the bill will be voted on later this week.

So hopefully the flood program will be back to “business as usual” sooner than later.   We continue to follow the guidelines set forth during the hiatus period.   Call us today if you have any questions!

Aniek Ramsay

Vice President, Branch Manager | Woodland