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Why Can’t Work Comp Be Easier?

For years, business owners have complained about the same things regarding Workers’ Compensation Insurance:

Large Deposits

High Rates

Policy Audits

Difficult Payment Plans

Aren’t these the things that bother you the most about Work Comp?

These can be especially bothersome for smaller businesses, who never seem to see the same aggressive offers from Insurance Companies. These items are simply another pain in the ….

And for years, nobody listened.  We have listened, and we have found the solution.  We have developed a program where you can totally eliminate your annual deposit, we have guaranteed low rates, no more taking time to do annual audits and payment plans that couldn’t be easier!

Think about it, if you don’t have to pay a deposit, don’t have to worry about receiving low rates, don’t have to do those time consuming audits, and don’t even have to waste time paying another bill, wouldn’t that be just what you want from a Workers Compensation Program?

This is now possible!  Work Comp can be easier! How?  Contact me and we can discuss it.

Brian Booth

Dental Program Manager | Kingsburg