How Important is Renter’s Insurance?

Even if you don’t own a home, you still have a lot at stake. After all, your personal belongings, like clothes, furniture and electronics, have significant value. And even though your landlord probably has insurance covering the building that you live in, that insurance does not include any coverage for you or your personal belongings.   

Renters insurance can come as low as a few dollars a month and can give you a great discount on your auto policy.  On top of discount potential, there are a lot of benefits that various policies cover.  Depending on your policy, some benefits may include:

  • Protection for your furniture, clothing and other personal items from theft fire or smoke damage. 
  • If you own particularly valuable items, you can choose to purchase additional personal property coverage to provide enhanced protection.
  • Protection for your personal belongings, whether they’re in your home, car  or elsewhere
  • Protection for you when you cannot live in your home due to a covered loss such as fire. This coverage pays reasonable and customary living expenses up to the limit provided in your renter’s insurance policy.
  • Personal liability for another’s injury or property damage caused by your negligence.

If you’re interested in getting a renters insurance quote or even looking into other lines of insurance give us a call!

Carrie Van Beurden