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A New Choice for Dental Professional Liability

Everyone likes to have choices.

Dentists have many choices when it comes to how they run their practice. One area where dentists have had very limited choices was in their options for Professional Liability Insurance.

For instance, another large Malpractice Insurer in California sells a product that gives the insured dentist no voice in when a claim is settled. Though settling a claim can be good for the insurance company, it could be detrimental to the dentist’s reputation and also have financial consequences. Wouldn’t you want a choice in how a claim against you is handled?

We now have a solution for this: the new Pacific Preferred Dental Association’s Professional Liability policy for dentists! We originally developed this program by working with dentists to see what they wanted it to include. By starting the process this way, we were able to create a Professional Liability policy that not only meets the needs and wants of dentists, but also allows each dentist to customize coverage to his or her own practice.

Some of the features that each dentist will be able to choose from are:
* Choice of when to settle a claim
* Choice of Liability Limits
* Choice of who is covered
You can cover yourself, your practice, an associate or any combination.
This program also includes important additional coverage such as:
* HIPPA violation coverage
* Sexual Misconduct or Physical Abuse coverage
* Medical Waste Reimbursement coverage
* Defense Coverage for Administrative Disciplinary Action
In additional to all these coverage choices, you also receive one other option. You can get more and pay less! We are seeing many dentists saving more than 15% while adding more protection to their practice.

We have also made it very simple to see how much you can save while improving your protection. Just contact me at and I will get you an easy to fill out application. You can also call me on my direct line at (559)634-7140.

Now you really do have choices when it comes to your Professional Liability.

Brian Booth

Dental Program Manager | Kingsburg