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What if you could positively affect your work comp costs?

I believe you can, because I have assisted companies in doing just that. I believe this because I have seen the end result, and I believe this because I have the tools and knowledge to affect change within your company, and use this change to get positive outcomes.

What if you didn’t have to throw your hands in the air and take the cynical “there is nothing else to be done” attitude towards claims, or worse, just ignore everything about a claim? These approaches can cause long term costs to spiral upwards until they reach a point where the companys’ health is at stake. The costs begin to strangle the life out of the company.

One such company became my client 12 years ago, when we initially met I was told that management was too busy doing other things like managing 600 employees, and did not have the time to devote to chasing claims. They felt that no matter how much time they sacrificed, they could not positively affect the outcomes of new and existing claims. Their modification was suffering and the company was bleeding money because of that modification. My team and I designed a plan to change the culture of their operation, and allow them to spend their time doing what they do best, managing their company. Using easy to implement front end tools and our Work Comp Navigator claims tracking program along with employing our knowledge of how the system actually works, we were able to set the company on a long term path. That path led them to having credit modification for the past 10 years, and opened their eyes to what really could be done about claims costs.

Examining the system allows you to find out the answers to the “whys” in workers compensation:

Why is this claim still open?

Why is this claimant still on temporary total disability?

Why is the medical cost on this claim so high?

Why has this claimant not been placed in modified duty?

Why can I not get the answers that I need to make informed decisions concerning this claim?

Why is my experience modification out of control?

We understand what really drives claims costs, and have taken the time to devise a strategy to manage that issue to vastly improve outcomes for our clients. If you would like, take about 25 minutes and contact me, and we can have a conversation about where your company is, and where you want your workers compensation costs to be over the next ten years or so.


Guy Teafatiller

Vice President | Kingsburg