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Current or Former Ullico Casualty Work Comp Policyholders

Your Mod is at Risk

As you may already know, Ullico Casualty Insurance Co. has been placed in liquidation and the Department of Insurance for the State of Delaware is currently handling this liquidation. Unfortunately, claims and payroll information for the various businesses that Ullico insured is not being sent to the California Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau. I have spoken to both the California WCIRB and the Chief Liquidator in Delaware, and they both stated that it is very unlikely that this information will ever be released to the California Rating Bureau.

This means that the rating bureau will not publish a modification on companies that were insured with Ullico during their normal calculation period (anytime during the past 4 years). So if your firm had a modification of say 70, that modification may be eliminated, or will be lost during the next rating cycle depending on your expiration date. Your modification will be reset to 100, as any new company or any company who does not qualify for a modification is set at. This will needlessly cost Ullico policyholders with a lower than 100 modification in premium increases.

Some businesses with higher modifications might say, “This is great, my mod will go down substantially because of this”.  To those, I can assure you that insurance companies are already up to speed on this issue.

Many carriers will not quote risks that lose their modification and the ones that do quote will probably not make it easy on the policy holder as loss information will be sketchy and many will simply surcharge the policyholder to make sure that they are getting enough premium to adequately cover any modification that the carrier estimates.

In situations like this, it is important to have a professional representing your firm to the WCIRB, Ullico, and the other potential workers comp carriers in the market, in order to make sure you are not unfairly penalized because of the failure of Ullico Casualty.  I am very familiar with the complexities of these issues and various ways to correct problems like this.

If you are a company affected by this and are ready to take control of your modifier, then please, contact me at (559) 634-7136 or e-mail me at


Thank you,

Guy Teafatiller PWCA

Vice President

Guy Teafatiller

Vice President | Kingsburg