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How important is it to hire the right employees?

The difference between hiring the right employees and hiring the wrong employees is usually the difference between a successful business and a failed business.

At Van Beurden Insurance, we have developed a process to help you avoid the consequences of a bad hire – which happens more often than most of us want to admit.

In a recent study, the following information was revealed:

  • 53% of all job applications contain inaccurate information
  • 46% of employment, education, or reference checks revealed discrepancies
  • 30% of business failures are due to employee crime

These are staggering figures and they confirm the importance of hiring the right employees.

Additionally, hiring the wrong employee can have catastrophic results to your Workers’ Compensation program. We have all heard stories about the employee who “knows how to work the Work Comp system.” These stories usually include statements like “He/She has done this before” and “They are well trained by their lawyers.”

I have seen far too many of these stories first hand – not to mention the impact they have on the employer’s bottom line. A question I often ask employers is: have they ever made a hire where they were concerned about a future Work Comp claim? All too often, the answer is yes.

How do you protect yourself from hiring the wrong employees?

There are ways to protect your business from making a bad hire. Working closely with HR experts, we at Van Beurden Insurance have developed a process that helps you hire the right employees and helps educate employers on how to stay away from the wrong employees.

If you are interested in learning more about this process, reach out to me and we can start a dialog that may help you minimize your exposure and help your business’ bottom line.

Brian Booth

Dental Program Manager | Kingsburg