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Business Interruption Coverage


Typically, when business owners think of incurring an insurance loss, they imagine an employee getting hurt on the job, or a fire breaking out in a warehouse or office, thereby damaging or destroying property and goods.  But how often do you consider where and how you would conduct business in the event that your headquarters were entirely destroyed?  Not to mention figuring out how to pay your company’s bills during the time when you’re unable to carry out ‘business as usual’? One of the most important and often overlooked insurance coverages for business owners is Business Interruption Insurance.

Business interruption insurance covers expenses such as rent, utilities and lost revenue.  In some cases, you may also be able to recoup the cost of advertising your temporary location.  In order to receive coverage, you can endorse your BOP, CPP or Commercial Property Insurance policies.  Of course, there are conditions and limitations, as with any insurance policy. To read more about this type of coverage, click here. It’s important to stay well informed about your insurance policies, to understand both what they cover, and what they don’t.  Working closely with your independent agent is invaluable for this reason and I’m here to help.

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Van Beurden Author