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Create Employee Safety Advocates to Improve Results

Picture this: You’re driving on the highway and a local delivery driver swerves in front of you. One of your passengers happens to notice the ubiquitous “How Am I Doing?” sign on the back of the van and jots down the contact information. It’s safe to say you’ll probably be following up with a stern report on the driver.

We’ve all encountered our fair share of bad drivers on the road. Have you ever paid any attention to the drivers who actually follow the rules of the road? Chances are … probably not.

That’s okay, you’re not alone. Good drivers tend to blend into the crowd – but it’s the good drivers who keep us safe on the road.

I was speaking recently with a client that shared a story that got me thinking. The company is in the plumbing, heating and air industry in southern California and has a large fleet of vehicles, as you would imagine.

One of Van Beurden’s preferred safety partners recently spotted one of the plumbing company’s insured drivers on the road noticed the “How Am I Doing?” sign. He knew instantly that the driver was doing great.

What happened next definitely breaks through the norm. That safety representative made the choice to reach out to the employer and praise the driver for obeying speed limits, traffic laws and being considerate of other drivers.

We need more employees like that safe driver. Here’s why. When every driver in a fleet obeys the rules of the road, the risk a business faces is reduced dramatically! We want to keep drivers like that on our team.

According to research from Gallup, employees who don’t feel adequately recognized are twice as likely to say they’ll quit their job in the next 12 months.

No one likes employee turnover, right?

Employees who are consistently meeting or exceeding a business’ safety standards deserve to be recognized. Give your employees the tools and support to make smart safety choices, you’ll see a shift in culture which can ultimately reduce your business’ risk.

Celebrating the safety successes of your employees, no matter how small the victory is, falls into a low cost, high impact segment for employers. Whether it’s an email, a handwritten note, gift card, or any other unique incentive, we have seen time and time again that employees respond exceptionally well to these programs.

These are the seemingly small things that can make an impressive impact on a business. That’s why we work consistently to understand a business’ objectives so that we can provide insurance solutions that anticipate the long haul and build upon the successful foundation that has been implemented.

It’s important for businesses to mitigate risk as much as possible, but if your business or Workers’ Compensation insurer is only focused on the negatives and leaves the positives by the wayside, it’s time for a change.

Send me an email at and we can talk more about what we can do to celebrate those safety victories.

Casey Kolb

Risk Management Consultant | Woodland