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Technology is Increasing Workplace Safety

“Technology” – from robots to artificial intelligence – is becoming an imperative for workplace safety.

According to experts at the National Safety Council Congress and Expo (quoted in Business Insurance) automation that gives risky jobs to machines, artificial intelligence that can help manage safety concerns, sensors that can tell a worker that he or she is in a dangerous area, instruments that measure fatigue, exoskeletons that help a person lift heavy objects, and data analysis that finds patterns to help craft better risk management strategies were among the latest developments presented at the Council’s recent annual conference.

The technology is expansive and innovations are coming so fast, workplace safety officials tasked with keeping up with these technological advances are practically swamped with choices. Many consider this to be a new industrial revolution that will fundamentally change the workplace for the better.

“The idea isn’t to go out and get the cool thing,” one expert says. “The idea is to go out there and find out what are my biggest causes of injuries?”

Companies can link technology to reduce injuries, connecting technology across factories. For instance, one technology that has worked for a major engine manufacturer is a “powered industrial vehicle positioning system” that attaches sensors to vehicles, equipment and people to provide project managers a virtual heat map of human and machinery traffic patterns about a work zone.

Using technology that monitors the process, people and vehicles, companies can ensure that movement of their manufacturing process is happening in a safe manner. Tracking where forklifts are moving can alert workers and help reduce risk.

Another technology growing in popularity is “additive manufacturing,” which uses a 3D printer to design objects such as personalized handles and grippers to help make manufacturing tasks easier. With 3D printing, companies can design a solution in a short amount of time.

All of the new technology will ultimately enhance health and safety in the workplace. This is just the beginning.

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Van Beurden Author