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Wild Fire

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Wildfire Damage?

A homeowners insurance policy will cover damage from fire, including wildfire. If your house is damaged by a fire, the policy has several coverage types to help repair or rebuild the home, replace belongings and, if necessary, pay for temporary housing if you can’t live in the home.

If you haven’t recently reviewed your homeowners insurance policy or you’re not sure how much insurance you need, now is a good time to take a look at it. That’s because you want your dwelling coverage to keep pace over time with the changing costs to rebuild your house.

It is getting ever more difficult to get or even retain homeowner’s insurance in many zip codes in California because of the many devastating fires over the past few years – Van Beurden Insurance can help! We select carriers that will insure you and we will make sure that you have the coverage you need at your greatest time of need, if and when a wildfire strikes.

Be prepared. To make sure your homeowners or renters insurance covers you when a wildfire strikes, contact me. I’ll conduct a review of your current policies, and explore solutions that will give you the coverage you need. Call or email me today!


Brigette Clyborne