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Poor service creates an unexpected financial drain … Part 2

Click here to see Part 1 of this blog from October 2021. I hope you have taken a moment to read that as this blog is Part 2 of the other risks, threats and waste that we discovered during my Alternative Approach.

Part of my Alternative Approach is to have a full review of ALL insurance policies with each client and not just simply focus on Workers’ Compensation.

My client was with a “major insurance/payroll company” and after going through Van Beurden’s Alternative Approach and reviewing their current coverages, we discovered there were several coverages completely missing on the policy. All this time the client was thinking they were with a big box brand carrier and they were “taken care of!”  Business Personal Property (BPP) Limits were completely missing on the current policy, this is nearly $1,000,000 in BPP coverage the insured thought they had, but in fact were simply missing on their policy.

Now, just take a second, close your eyes and imagine the horrible thought of your building burning down, and imagine what you’ll feel like when you discover you did not have BPP coverage on all your inventory, tools, tables, chairs, etc.


We found additional issues/concerns that were missing or incorrect for our (now) client. Estimated annual payrolls were drastically under-reported by the carrier – causing a severe impact on our client’s 2022-2023 financial budget and final audit. Owing premium dollars with their final audit has now caused additional premium dollars to be going to the insurance carrier and not being invested back into the company. Autos had been left off their policy; trailers had been left off their policy, etc. The list of issues unfortunately goes on and on!

Here is the good news!

Van Beurden has a solution in place to fix these issues. We corrected the policy to reflect proper limits which added coverage, and we worked with the underwriter to find additional savings. The underwriter had no idea the client used a third-party safety vendor along with Van Beurden’s safety/HR services. The underwriter had no idea the client paid 100% of the employees’ health care cost. In total, with the savings and waste we found on the Workers’ Compensation, Payroll and now working with the underwriter on their liability package policies, we saved this client over $40,000 annually.

Unfortunately, discovering issues just like this are all too common. The bar for insurance agents has unfortunately been set far too low, why is that? It’s time for that to change.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you had a comprehensive review of your insurance policies? What would you have to lose to learn your company is placing a significant financial risk and you do not even know it?!

I’m not asking for your business. I am simply asking for a brief conversation to see if Van Beurden’s Alternative Approach is the right fit for you. Let’s dive into your operations to see if the kind of “value” you’re currently receiving is actually what’s best for you.

I look forward to starting a conversation to see how I can help. Call (530) 661-0666 or click today!

Van Beurden Author