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Distracted Driving: Two Words That Should Never Be Seen Together

Do you sometimes wonder at drivers focused on everything but the road? She’s texting! He’s reading a map on his tablet! She’s turned around, yelling at a child in the back seat! Welcome to the world of distracted drivers. The statistics are frightening: Every day, 4,300 crashes result from distracted driving Drivers talking

Happy New Year!

Consider the New Year an opportunity to reevaluate your insurance needs to decide whether to renew, change or purchase policies. Ask yourself these questions to help make sure you are properly protected: • Do you have an immediate need to renew any of your current policies before the coverage period ends? • Did you receive

Winter Auto Safety

Did you know that 24 percent of weather-related accidents annually occur on snowy, slushy or icy pavement? Those winter accidents result in more than 1,300 fatalities and 116,800 injuries. Snowy or slushy pavement leads to an average of 30 percent to 40 percent reduction in vehicle speed, decreased visibility, reduced

Don’t take a risk with Drunk Driving!

Protect Against Drunk Driving The good news is that studies have shown that people have been gradually less likely to drive drunk for quite some time. However, that doesn’t mean people don’t drive drunk. Most people realize how stupid and dangerous it is, but it still happens much more regularly than

Happy Holidays!

Holiday Decorating Safety With Christmas approaching, you might be ready to decorate your tree with your favorite trimmings and hang lights outside your home. Enjoy your holiday traditions safely by taking simple precautions: Shop for fresh trees, which stay green longer, and are less susceptible to fire than dry trees. If you

Uninsured Motorists – How Much Insurance is Enough?

If you had a 50% chance of winning the lottery, you wouldn’t pass up buying a ticket. How about a 50% chance of getting in a car accident and having to foot the bill? That’s exactly what can happen when your accident is with an uninsured (or inadequately insured) driver –

Summer Maintenance Tips

Enjoy longer days and warmer nights while protecting your investment. Summertime is the best time to be outside enjoying the weather. Make sure your home is ready for the summer sun by keeping in mind the seasonal maintenance tips below. Check deck or patio for possible deterioration and safety hazards such as loose

Cycling is on the Rise … Do You Have the Coverage You Need?

As gasoline prices increase, more and more commuters are going green and saving by biking to and from work.  Making sure you have the proper coverage is important! “A bike can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars for a basic model to several thousand dollars for a fast, light

Flood Insurance Rate Map Changes for the City of Woodland

FEMA flood map changes for the city of Woodland took effect 5/16/2012 and may allow new decisions related to flood coverage. Property owners should visit the City of Woodland website  to determine if their property has been placed in the low to moderate risk flood zones B, C or X. We recommend

Another short term extension for the National Flood Insurance Program

We just received notice from the Insurance Journal Online that the House of Representatives has passed legislation that will keep the federal flood insurance program going at least until November 18, 2011.  The House and Senate are currently working on legislation that would extend the program for five years and make