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New U.S. Cybersecurity Report: Most American Businesses Are Unprepared

Are you prepared if a cyber attack occurred at your business? Are you prepared to pay the ransom if your cybersecurity was compromised? A new government report on cybersecurity warns that America is truly under prepared for cyber attacks and calls for the creation of a federally-funded center to develop cybersecurity

Will the Auto Market Show Improvement?

A highly respected credit rating agency sees good and not-so-good news in the commercial auto market this year and next. A.M. Best has an overall negative outlook for the U.S. commercial auto insurance market – even though its analysts believe it should improve somewhat this year. The gloomy/happy forecast stems from commercial

Will the Commercial Auto Market Improve?

With the auto sector taking rate increases, what are business owners doing to minimize the increase to their bottom line? What procedures are they putting in place to minimize the rate increase? What does the future look like and how will auto rates impact future budgeting cost for business

Work Comp Rates Are Rising Again. What to do?

What Van Beurden Insurance predicted has come to pass: Workers’ Compensation Insurance rates are going up, up, up. It was inevitable. The cycle between rates up and rates down used to be abrupt and surprising, but now, after Work Comp was stabilized in California several years ago; the rise in rates

New Rules: All Employers Must Report Work-Related Incidents to OSHA, Many Required to Keep More Records

Outlined in this blog are new OSHA 300 reporting and recording requirements every employer needs to know. All employers have new requirements regarding keeping records and reporting work-related incidents. Employers with 11 or more employees have additional new responsibilities. Reporting Requirements All employers must report the following work-related incidents to the Occupational Safety and

Do You Know About These Sexual Harassment Training Modifications?

There’s new legislation that affects every business with five or more employees. On September 30, 2018, California Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 1343, legislation that modifies the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) sexual harassment training requirements as follows: By January 1, 2020, California employers with five or more employees (it

Federal Law Protects Disabled Employees, Confuses Employers

In 2018, Federal law covering how employers manage their employees has grown complex and confusing. Navigating through the ever-changing legal parameters of managing an employee’s injury is, for many employers, into a difficult, time-consuming and costly. Here’s a local example reported in the Insurance Journal: a locally-owned Central California grocery is