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I See Smoke on Mount BBSI

Barrett Business Systems (BBSI) has recently admitted to under-reserving their workers comp losses to 62% of their value through 2012. This caused them to have to start infusing $80 million in capital to shore up old loss reserves. Unfortunately the PEO type self insured program only lists $52 million in

AB 1897 Is Now Law

Governor Brown recently signed AB 1897 into law which has eliminated certain protections and defensible positions once afforded to clients of Labor Contractors. The ability of these Labor Clients to keep employees at arms length is over. Now the client will directly share a responsibiilty with the labor contractor on a wide

Legislation to Fear – AB 1897

There have been numerous veiled attempts to place workplace state compliance issues and labor law violations at the feet of the clients of Farm Labor Contractors. Various state legislators (usually from Los Angeles for some reason) have been chipping away at the protections provided farmers who decide to utilize farm labor

The ACA, IRS and the Paper Blizzard to Come

The ACA added two health coverage reporting requirements to the Internal Revenue Code. Both take effect for 2015, with the first reports due in early 2016: IRC § 6056 requires large employers (50 or more full-time employees including full-time equivalents) to file annual reports detailing the health coverage they offer to

New Employment Laws That Will Immediately Affect You

Signed by Gov. Brown on 6/28/14.  Here you go: I am regularly amazed that representatives from Los Angeles make policy that adversely affects businesses in the valley that they have no knowledge of. I just wish to inform you, I will save my opinion on these for another blog.

Health Care Reform – 3 Points that you have to address by 1/1/15

Defining the “Seasonal Employee” under Health Care Reform There has been a lot of information and still a lot of misinformation concerning what is, and what isn’t a part-time or seasonal employee. Many business owners, and quite frankly many brokers and industry reps, are still mystified by the definition and scope

Current or Former Ullico Casualty Work Comp Policyholders

Your Mod is at Risk As you may already know, Ullico Casualty Insurance Co. has been placed in liquidation and the Department of Insurance for the State of Delaware is currently handling this liquidation. Unfortunately, claims and payroll information for the various businesses that Ullico insured is not being sent to the