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Updated Information on Affordable Care Act: No Fines For Now

Last week you may have received my newsletter or read in this blog about the notification stipulations for the ACA that are effective October 1, 2013. The Federal Government on Thursday, September 12, 2013 (right after my last blog was published) released a statement that the fines associated with non-notification of employees

The ACA – An Important Date on Your Calendar

On October 1st 2013, all employers will be required to send out the Department of Labor notification to all of your current employees informing them of their responsibility to find Health Care Coverage. The notice will also alert them to the availability of Exchanges (Cover California) to initiate the purchase

What you need to know about Health Care Reform

Join us for a Free Webinar on March 7   In the aftermath of the November election and the Supreme Court decision to uphold the Act, you're now faced with some quick deadlines to deal with the reality. We suggest that you examine your choices and develop a plan by June 1,

Are You Allowing The Work Comp Market To Select Who Represents You?

Each year around this time, nearly half of California businesses begin the renewal process on their workers compensation coverage. Usually, they send information out to almost any agent that contacts them, and hope to get competitive quotes from the various insurance companies these agents represent. The incumbent agent usually goes to market first and basically corners

Hard Market News Blasts

The Workers' Compensation wind has definitely changed direction in California. Here are a few headlines that have been seen lately and the short (and I mean very short) outlines by the Blogger: Experience Rating Plan Changes to Hit Ex Mods Starting January of 2013, the WCIRB is changing the weighted values on claims

Recorded Benefits Triangulation Webinar

For those of you that were busy and could not attend our Benefits Triangulation Webinar outlined below, I am happy to announce that you can view and hear this webinar anytime you wish!! If you are unsure that your company is bulletproof in theses areas, or think you are, then you

Benefits Triangulation Webinar Invitation

FREE WEBINAR HERE!! Are you sure your Workers' Compensation policy is in line with your Group Health Policy? Do you know why they should be talking to one another? Are you aware of how FMLA and COBRA are connected to both of these coverages? Owners/Partners/Officers excluded under your work comp coverage? If you are unsure

Is AB 2346 Legislation a Small Step to Disaster?

I smell smoke, so there may be a fire smoldering in the form of new legislation in California that is meant to protect farm laborers from Heat Illness. According to a news report, "Assemblywoman Betsy Butler (D-El Segundo) has just introduced a bill (AB 2346) she says will add teeth to

Officer Exclusions in Workers’ Compensation

I've noticed that most prospective workers' comp clients who contact me have the officers of the corporation or the business owner excluded under their workers' compensation coverage. I would like to make two cases against this practice. #1 If an officer is excluded from work comp, it means exactly that, they are