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AB2774 – DOSH Writes Its Own New Standard

Cal OSHA is probably rejoicing right now with the announced passage of AB2774. This new bill lowers the burden of proof that was once the biggest hurdle for Cal OSHA to overcome when trying to confirm a "Serious Violation" with the appeals board. In the past, the employer has had a good opportunity

WCIRB Worksheet is MVP

  Most employers believe that analyzing their loss runs will allow them to understand how their workers compensation claims will affect their premium, and to a point they are correct. But the most important and valuable piece of paper concerning your companies claims and modification is really your WCIRB Modification Calculation Worksheet (I

Let The Lawsuits Begin: Self Insured Groups

Recently (click to see May 3, 2010 Blog Entry), up to 5 self insured groups managed by CRM holdings have closed and or failed in California. One recent failure is the CAPSIG Self-insured group which CRM managed. With a claims shortfall of $20,000,000 and growing, the 200 members of the CAPSIG

A “Culture of Caring”: How to Avoid Work Comp Litigation

It is my experience that companies that truly (or at least give the appearance of) caring for injured workers will significantly reduce their claims costs and avoid unnecessary litigation. The term "Culture of Caring" should be applied when companies are putting together their injury management plans. A large portion of

MPN’s, Medical Liens, and the WCAB

There has been a huge upturn in the number of litigated claims over the past 2 years in California Workers' Compensation. Now approximately 40-50% of claims are becoming litigated and virtually 100% of claims older than 2 years are in litigation. When I was told this, my initial question was: Why?

Follow-up on previous post

Hit the link to see a recent column by Fresno Bee writer Dan Walters. I think if you read my previous blog and then read this article, it will clearly illustrate the situation that the Work Comp system is in here in California. Political pandering has muddled the real market

WCIRB Suggests 29.6% Increase in Rates

It is unfortunate that the Commissioner of Insurance (Poizner) has repeatedly ignored previous suggestion of rate increases as it would hurt his chances of being Governor, but since he has ignored the warnings of the Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau (WCIRB) (which is an apolitical, quasi-governmental actuarial department) it has

Self Insured Group Goes Down

And might take its members with them. The following is from a recent article from the Insurance Journal Online. California Contractors Self-Insured Group Closes By Patricia-Anne Tom April 30, 2010 The California Office of Self-Insured Plans is revoking the certificate of the Contractors Access Program of California (CAP), a self-insured group of contractors, as requested by

Speed Kills

I recently met with a trucking prospect whose experience mod took a serious increase from 99 to 128%. The cause of this issue was one smaller claim (total incurred of $3,600) that was left open with more than half of the incurred being reserves. Now, reserve levels should be looked at