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Will Health Care Reform Stand in 2012?

In late March, the Supreme Court will hear arguments on the constitutionality of the "Individual Mandate". The Court is allowing more than 5 hours and we can expect a ruling by late June. Couple this with a Presidential election in November and this is shaping up for a big year for

For 40% Savings, More Employers Are Self-Funding

Employers with fully insured health plans are realizing they can "safely" custom design a medical plan for the needs of their workers and save as much as 40% on the over all cost. As a result, the choice to self fund a health insurance plan is becoming more popular for employers with

Hello from Mark in Kingsburg!

Hello world! I started with Van Beurden in 2000, and I think it's important to make people more confident about their employee benefits choices. The way to do that is to provide superior service and show businesses how to control the cost of benefits. Happy New Year 2010, and thanks for reading