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How to Avoid Healthcare Cost Pitfalls

The relationship between employers and employees can be successful – and it’s usually dependent on the employer’s ability to make good decisions. If the employees are thriving, healthy and happy, the employer most likely has a strong and secure decision-making process that helps the employees – and the company – succeed. Of

Social Media & Workers’ Comp Fraud

It’s pretty black and white: if you’re an employer in California, you are required to provide workers’ compensation benefits to your employees. As an agent, I’ve seen more than my fair share of fraud stories. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, workers' compensation fraud costs California between $1 billion

Avoiding Medicare’s lifelong penalties

While it should be easy, enrolling in Medicare stresses a lot of people out. Having to deal with Social Security and employers can often lead to confusion. If you do not enroll in Medicare, at the right time, it can cost you in lifelong penalties. Making

Avoiding the ACA tax penalties

Now in our third year of the Affordable Care Act, the open enrollment period is finishing up for the 2016 plan year. This year we have seen a lot of changes and some increase in provider participation for the individual and family plans. It is still important to

Individual and family plan enrollment important dates

It is hard to believe that 2013 is almost over, and the last day to enroll in an individual and family insurance plan with a January 1, 2014 effective date has passed. With all the news around the Affordable Care Act deadlines of December 15 and subsequent extension to