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Distracted Driving: Stay Focused to Stay Safe

  According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly 10 people a day, in the United States alone, are killed in crashes that are reported to involve a distracted driver.  More than 1,100 people are injured in those same circumstances.  Every day. Distracted driving is defined as driving while doing anything that takes your focus

Teen Drivers – Keeping Our Kids Safe

  Teen drivers are young, inexperienced and often distracted. They can be overly cautious and nervous, or they may be carefree and feel invincible. All of these lead to higher instances of accidents and traffic tickets along with much higher insurance premiums. But, above all else, statistics show that motor vehicle crashes are

A Conversation with Your Insurance Agent – 5 Things to Discuss

As an insurance professional, I read a lot of blogs by other insurance professionals and insurance carriers.  Browsing my favorite blogs the other day, I came across one from Enhanced Insurance that was particularly interesting to me.  Below are some topics from their blog that any well-informed insured should speak with their

Car Insurance: Does it Cover the Car or the Driver?

  This can be a confusing question for most people, and you're not alone if you find yourself struggling to answer.  In essence, both are correct.  Generally, people would like to say that car insurance is exactly that - insurance for the car.  However, it's a little more complicated than that.

Vehicle Breakdowns: What To Do

  Getting out of the car at a busy intersection or on a highway to change a tire or check damage from a fender bender is probably one of the worst things you can do.  The Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.) recommends the following precautions when your car breaks down: 1)  Never get

Mobile Apps for Insurance

When is the last time you used the words “cool” and “insurance” in the same sentence? If you can’t recall any in your recent memory, you’re not alone. But, let’s picture this: You’ve just been in a car accident. You take out your smartphone, open your carrier’s mobile app, start

Driverless Cars – Are We Ready?

We've all had those days: rushing around, trying to get errands done. You finally picked up the dry cleaning, and now you've got to get to the post office before it closes. So you go, pedal to the metal, thinking about what you need to get at the grocery store

Membership & Occupation Related Discounts on Auto Insurance

If you've held auto insurance for even a short time, you probably already know there are several factors that determine how much you'll pay in premium.  For instance, your age and driving experience have a big impact as well as the kind of car you own and how many miles

Why Do “Good Students” Get Discounts?

Younger drivers often face paying higher car insurance premiums than more experienced drivers because they are more prone to accidents and, as such, statistically present a higher risk to their insurance companies. Fortunately, if you are a young driver (or the parent of a young driver), you do have options to