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Avoiding the ACA tax penalties

Now in our third year of the Affordable Care Act, the open enrollment period is finishing up for the 2016 plan year. This year we have seen a lot of changes and some increase in provider participation for the individual and family plans. It is still important to

California Dept of Insurance Launches Coverage Comparison Tool

  The California Department of Insurance launched a Homeowner Coverage Comparison Tool to help assist Californians in making better informed decisions when shopping for Homeowners, Condo Owners, or Renters insurance policies.   The tool is designed to allow consumers to compare coverage limits and features by policy type among a long

ISO Protection Class Codes: What Are They? How Are You Affected?

  What Are They? The ISO (International Organization for Standardization) partners with municipal fire authorities, city managers and other community officials to evaluate local fire-protection resources.  Data is gathered and evaluated prior to a Public Protection Classification (PPC) being assigned. PPCs will range from Class 1 (best) to Class 10 (worst).  PPC's are more commonly known as Fire

Distracted Driving: Stay Focused to Stay Safe

  According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly 10 people a day, in the United States alone, are killed in crashes that are reported to involve a distracted driver.  More than 1,100 people are injured in those same circumstances.  Every day. Distracted driving is defined as driving while doing anything that takes your focus

Cyber Attack: Is Your Company at Risk?

We have all seen the stories about companies that have had HUGE problems because they didn’t protect the personal information of their customers while in their control. In a well-known case, Target just agreed to pay $20,000,000 to settle a claim from a 2013 data breach. Is your business at risk

Vehicle Breakdowns: What To Do

  Getting out of the car at a busy intersection or on a highway to change a tire or check damage from a fender bender is probably one of the worst things you can do.  The Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.) recommends the following precautions when your car breaks down: 1)  Never get

Understanding the Cost to Rebuild Your Home

Your home is one of your most valuable assets.  Make sure you have enough dwelling coverage on your homeowners policy to rebuild to its original state if it's destroyed by fire or other covered cause of loss. While the current market value of your home may be lower than you'd

Identity Theft Coverage: What Is It? Do You Need It?

Information provided by: Insurance Information Institute   It's happening everywhere. Data from retail stores, hotels, banks and other businesses are being stolen and misused - and data theft scams are likely to increase as the holiday season approaches, according to the Insurance Information Institute. Identity fraud is on the rise for the second year

Legislation to Fear – AB 1897

There have been numerous veiled attempts to place workplace state compliance issues and labor law violations at the feet of the clients of Farm Labor Contractors. Various state legislators (usually from Los Angeles for some reason) have been chipping away at the protections provided farmers who decide to utilize farm labor

How important is it to hire the right employees?

The difference between hiring the right employees and hiring the wrong employees is usually the difference between a successful business and a failed business. At Van Beurden Insurance, we have developed a process to help you avoid the consequences of a bad hire – which happens more often than most of