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Winterizing Your Home – 10 Simple Steps

  Most of us are well on our way into the winter mindset:  Hunker down, nestle by the fire and stay warm.  Even so, it's never too late to winterize your home.  The U.S. Department of Energy shares these tips to help maximize the warmth and save some dough. Apply weather stripping or

FLOOD INSURANCE: Who needs it?

The answer has always been: “You need it if the bank tells you that you need it.” That answer can cost you dearly. What would you think the most common Natural Disaster for Property Damage is? Most of us would say “Fire,” but we would be wrong. Fire accounts for

Sending Your Kid Off to College? Make Sure They Have Insurance.

  Ask any parent who has ever moved a kid off to college:  When our kids move, they take a lot of stuff with them!  From furniture and TV's to cell phones and PC's, they can fill a dorm room or an apartment pretty quickly.  In order to protect those valuables, it's important to

California Dept of Insurance Launches Coverage Comparison Tool

  The California Department of Insurance launched a Homeowner Coverage Comparison Tool to help assist Californians in making better informed decisions when shopping for Homeowners, Condo Owners, or Renters insurance policies.   The tool is designed to allow consumers to compare coverage limits and features by policy type among a long

ISO Protection Class Codes: What Are They? How Are You Affected?

  What Are They? The ISO (International Organization for Standardization) partners with municipal fire authorities, city managers and other community officials to evaluate local fire-protection resources.  Data is gathered and evaluated prior to a Public Protection Classification (PPC) being assigned. PPCs will range from Class 1 (best) to Class 10 (worst).  PPC's are more commonly known as Fire

Homeowners Insurance: What Affects the Premium?

  Have you ever wondered how your homeowners insurance premium is determined and what factors contribute to the cost?  If so, you're not alone.  Many of us secure a homeowners policy during the escrow process when buying our first home.  We take the first policy that we can get our hands on, and away we go.  It's only later, that we stop to

Mold: A (Growing) Concern

  There's no question that mold is an issue for most homeowners.  You can find it in some form in most every home. If not treated or removed, it can lead to extensive damage and cause major health issues - especially for people with allergies or asthma. In recent years, mold has been

Fire Safety in the Summer Season

  As the weather heats up, our habits and activities change, which can increase our risk for different types of fires. Whether you're heading outdoors to soak up the sun, or staying indoors where it's nice and cool, our partners at Kemper Insurance have offered this guide as a reminder that

Is Your Home Properly Insured?

  Here are some tips to help you make the right choices about homeowners insurance. Just as there are different home styles, insurers offer a menu of different policies. For the majority of single-family homeowners, the most appropriate policy is the HO-3, sometimes called the Special Form.  It insures all major perils,

A Conversation with Your Insurance Agent – 5 Things to Discuss

As an insurance professional, I read a lot of blogs by other insurance professionals and insurance carriers.  Browsing my favorite blogs the other day, I came across one from Enhanced Insurance that was particularly interesting to me.  Below are some topics from their blog that any well-informed insured should speak with their