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Is Your Boat Insurance Ready for Summer?

Summer is almost here and if you are a boat owner you are most likely planning your day on the water. However, before coasting away from land- do you know if your watercraft insurance is current and valid? Not only that, do you really understand what boating insurance covers, and

Your Home’s Replacement Cost: Rebuilding vs. New Construction

Full Replacement Value: Why Rebuilding Could Cost More Than New Construction Your house is likely your largest investment. To protect it, choose the insurance coverage you need based on replacement cost, not original building cost. Consider these eight factors that could make rebuilding more costly than new construction: Temporary repairs. Unlike a

Personal Safety at Work, Home and On the Road

Don Phinn Esq., President of HR That Works! has developed his "Mothership of checklists" for safety practices at work, at home and on the road. In this brief checklist Don compiles various personal observations with recommendations from other sources including very useful links. Check it out by clicking here and

California Wildfire Awareness Week

The following notice from the California Department of Insurance struck a specific chord with me because I live in a wooded area and the recent rains have provided heavy underbrush. However, regardless of where we live it is imperative to "be prepared" and there is no better time than the

Flood Insurance: California Businesses & Homeowners Advised to Secure Coverage

According to a recent article in the Insurance Journal, the threat of flood in California is not over just because the inclement weather has subsided: California Businesses, Residents Urged to Consider Flood Insurance While California may have survived this past winter’s storms, experts are urging businesses and residents to consider flood insurance. The state’s

Flood Insurance … Are You Covered?

Flooding is not covered under your standard Homeowners Insurance policy. With the recent storms in Northern California, many may be concerned with the risk of flooding.  Here are a few quick facts that you should know: Flood insurance has a 30 day waiting period before it is effective (some exceptions apply) The maximum

Who is covered on a homeowners policy…and who is not

Many people assume their homeowner’s insurance policy will provide protection of personal property and personal liability for anyone residing in the household. This is NOT true and could result in unpaid losses and costly defense costs for both parties if a claim occurs. So who is covered under a homeowner’s policy?

How Important is Renter’s Insurance?

Even if you don't own a home, you still have a lot at stake. After all, your personal belongings, like clothes, furniture and electronics, have significant value. And even though your landlord probably has insurance covering the building that you live in, that insurance does not include any coverage for

Low Cost Flood Insurance Relief for Homeowners

Many properties in Yolo County, Natomas, Visalia and other areas throughout California have been subject to revised flood maps since October 2008.  The premiums for these policies can run up to $1,400 or more per year! GOOD NEWS! FEMA has extended the lower cost Preferred Risk Policy (PRP) eligibility for buildings