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Disaster Preparedness – Better to be Safe than Sorry

  With all the recent talk of El Nino and forecasters expecting record amounts of rainfall this winter, many of us have flooding (circa 1997) on our minds. The summer of 2015 seemed to be one forest fire on top of another, and just one year ago, the Napa Valley was hit hard by a magnitude-6.0 earthquake, the

Record Breaking Settlement Involving Workplace Safety

  Bumble Bee Foods LLC will pay $6,000,000 to settle criminal charges for a 2012 death of an employee in their Santa Fe Springs, California plant. The Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office said in a press release Wednesday that the settlement was “the largest-known disbursement in a California criminal prosecution of workplace

WCIRB Ruling on Mandatory Sick Pay

Paying premium when there is no exposure to the Work Comp carrier. Recently I was asked a very simple and timely question by one of my long time clients. The question was: "Does Workers Compensation apply to sick leave pay?" Initially, I was going to fire back a "No" response based

Water & Sewer Backup – What If It Happens To You?

  Backed up water lines and sewers can cause an incredible amount of damage to your home, costing thousands of dollars to repair floors, walls, furniture - even your home's electrical system.  Causes for backups can include aging sewer systems, older pipes within a home, combined pipelines, and blockages from tree

Californias New Sick Pay Law Webinar

Please register for “Is your business ready to comply with California's new sick pay law?” on Jun 16, 2015 3:00 PM PDT at: Van Beurden Insurance Services is pleased to partner with Payality to provide a free webinar with detailed information on the new California Sick Pay law that becomes effective

Mold: A (Growing) Concern

  There's no question that mold is an issue for most homeowners.  You can find it in some form in most every home. If not treated or removed, it can lead to extensive damage and cause major health issues - especially for people with allergies or asthma. In recent years, mold has been

Teen Drivers – Keeping Our Kids Safe

  Teen drivers are young, inexperienced and often distracted. They can be overly cautious and nervous, or they may be carefree and feel invincible. All of these lead to higher instances of accidents and traffic tickets along with much higher insurance premiums. But, above all else, statistics show that motor vehicle crashes are

Defensible Position For The New Heat Illness Standard

I have been giving this some serious thought as employers in the central valley and on the coast are already being written up for violating the new heat illness standard. With careful consideration and the input of 2 Cal Osha defense council we see two ways to get into a

Fire Safety in the Summer Season

  As the weather heats up, our habits and activities change, which can increase our risk for different types of fires. Whether you're heading outdoors to soak up the sun, or staying indoors where it's nice and cool, our partners at Kemper Insurance have offered this guide as a reminder that