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WCIRB Suggests 29.6% Increase in Rates

It is unfortunate that the Commissioner of Insurance (Poizner) has repeatedly ignored previous suggestion of rate increases as it would hurt his chances of being Governor, but since he has ignored the warnings of the Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau (WCIRB) (which is an apolitical, quasi-governmental actuarial department) it has

XactPay® From The Hartford is now available

Introducing a brilliant three-step Workers' Comp premium payment strategy that can save you money: Van Beurden Insurance  is currently placing Workers' Compensation accounts in The Hartford XactPay® system. It's the fastest growing payment format in the industry. More than 60% of all employers currently use some form of "instant" pay

A Successful Workers’ Comp Final Audit Protest

Our assistance as Work Comp Advisors has just resulted in major savings by one of our clients. What originated as a $79,422.70 additional final audit billing has been successfully protested and reversed resulting in a $4,317.30 premium return. This is a total difference of $83,740 and took three weeks to resolve. Our client

Self Insured Group Goes Down

And might take its members with them. The following is from a recent article from the Insurance Journal Online. California Contractors Self-Insured Group Closes By Patricia-Anne Tom April 30, 2010 The California Office of Self-Insured Plans is revoking the certificate of the Contractors Access Program of California (CAP), a self-insured group of contractors, as requested by

Independent Contractors and the New Economy

The fact of the matter is, there is much confusion regarding the status of who actually is an independent contractor. Despite rumors that the economy is slowly, very slowly rebounding, government entities nationally are in fiscal holes: The Obama administration estimates that there is up to $2.7 billion+ in unpaid Social Security,

Speed Kills

I recently met with a trucking prospect whose experience mod took a serious increase from 99 to 128%. The cause of this issue was one smaller claim (total incurred of $3,600) that was left open with more than half of the incurred being reserves. Now, reserve levels should be looked at

Human Resources

In the ever changing market of Workers Compensation, having a knowledgeable Human Resources Department is one of the most useful and cost effective tools in saving your company money.  By utilizing the tools and knowledge from a HR person you will ensure your firm hires, fires and works within the parameters of  California

True Pay As You Go Workers Comp

Van Beurden Insurance Services, Inc. and Payality, Inc. are proud to announce the introduction of a true "pay as you go" Workers Compensation product.  This is a very important development for both firms and will serve as an excellent management tool for our clients. The "pay as you go" product