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Defending the Profits of your Company

Do you have Vendors, or Allies? I view running a company to being a football coach attempting to keep ground (profits) already taken and adding to that ground whenever it is possible using your valued employees by putting them in a position to be successful. Your company has been very successful

Defensible Position For The New Heat Illness Standard

I have been giving this some serious thought as employers in the central valley and on the coast are already being written up for violating the new heat illness standard. With careful consideration and the input of 2 Cal Osha defense council we see two ways to get into a

Heat Illness Awareness Warms Up

More than 30 people died last year of heat-illness related incidents in the workplace. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis has launched a national campaign to educate workers and their employers about heat-related illness. The campaign centers on three components that can save an individuals life: water, rest and shade. California already