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Determining your Common Law Employees to Comply with the ACA

Compliance with the Affordable Care Act just got a little more demanding for employers – determining which of your employees are full-time and which are not is now a major portion of the final Affordable Care Act regulations published February 2014 in the Federal Register. In order to determine whether an

Notice to Employers: Time to Update and Revise Employee Handbooks

Earlier this year, the agencies implementing the Affordable Care Act published a final rule that prohibits health plans and health insurers from applying any waiting period that exceeds 90 days (i.e., the waiting period that must pass before an individual is eligible to receive benefits under a health plan).  In California

Did you miss the March 31st Deadline?

Covered CA announced late on March 31st that due to Record-setting numbers of people trying to sign up for Covered California™ health insurance plans overwhelmed the system on the final day of open enrollment, prompting the exchange to allow consumers who had trouble enrolling by the deadline to work with a

Why employees need to be educated about Obamacare?

Benefit education has long been considered a key component of a successful employee benefit program. However, engaging employees and helping them recognize the value of their program is not easy. It takes ongoing efforts of HR managers with support from senior management. The Affordable Care Act creates another new wrinkle for

Healthcare Reform Update- May 2013

May 23, 2013 was a historic day for California. Covered CA, the state Individual Health Insurance Exchange, announced its final plans, rates, and the rating regions.  Finally shining a small light on what we can expect for next year, the press release made today gave us some answers, but not

Estimates of 2014 Individual Health Insurance Premiums

The California Health Insurance Exchange, Covered California unveiled their website today along with estimates of what the individual can expect to pay in premiums and out-of-pocket healthcare costs. You can calculate your estimated premium by visiting: Covered CA Cost Calculator At Van Beurden Insurance we can help you analyze which plan best