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Protect Your Company: Are Customer Waivers the New Normal?

After months of pandemic lockdowns, communities are reopening and businesses are finding we live in an entirely new world. Waivers – forms signed by customers entering your place of business – are becoming the new normal. From hair salons and recreation centers to stock exchanges and wedding photographers, the notices have sprung

New Law Defines Who Is An Independent Contractor – And Who Is Not

If your business is a California corporation, you should be aware that a new law takes effect January 1, 2020 that changes the definition of who is eligible to be classified as an independent contractor. The Legislature and the Governor has expanded and refined a rule first announced by the California

Restaurants & Bars: Serving Up the Latest Cyber Risk Target

Over the past quarter-century, restaurants and bars have adopted technology that has turned them into streamlined, completely digital operations that probably couldn’t put out a single meal if the server went down. Nearly every restaurant and bar in the U.S. depends on technology to some extent. Menus may be accessed on

Manufacturing Companies Need Cyber Insurance

Nearly every company relies on digital technology. That means nearly every company is facing the danger of unwanted individuals and entities messing around in your company’s digital data. To begin, the digital security of an organization can only be as strong as the basic judgment of its employees. It only takes