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What type of home insurance do you ACTUALLY need?

In order to legally drive a car in the United States, you are required by law to be properly insured. The same is NOT true for homeowners insurance. It is not mandatory for you to insure your home or belongings if you live in a house, unless you borrowed money

What is an “Umbrella”? And is it really necessary?

In the insurance world when people say “umbrella policy” they are not talking about an insurance policy to cover your beautiful umbrellas. The long winded name of an umbrella policy is called a Personal Umbrella Liability Policy. The reason people call it an umbrella, is because it covers you and your stuff like an umbrella would cover you. Think

Rental Car Coverage

The time is finally here. You’ve had a count down for months now. You have everything ready, bags are packed, plane tickets ready, you saved up and have all your spending money ready to go. You have everything checked off your list, or so you thought. Until you land and the rental