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California employers have many CAL/OSHA responsibilities

California employers have many different responsibilities under the California Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1973 and Title 8 of the California Code of Regulations. The following represents a list of the most important ones. Establish, implement and maintain an Injury and Illness Prevention Program and update it periodically to

What is a QME?

What is a QME? Qualified medical evaluator (QME) is an independent physician certified by the DWC Medical Unit to perform medical evaluations. To become a QME, the doctor must pass a state written examination to demonstrate competency in the basic rules and regulations of California’s Workers’ Compensation system. Upon completion

The Importance of Your Workers Compensation MPN Network is Validated!

This past Spring, an important “en banc” decision was made by the California WCAB.  Praise the WCAB for reviewing and rescinding a Work Comp judge’s decision on the case of Elayne Valdez, Applicant vs. Warehouse Demo Services. * 76 Cal. Comp. Cases 330   WCAB No. ADJ7048296 This “en banc” decision has given

California Workers’ Compensation Claims Costs Rise

The Workers' Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau of California (WCIRB)  issued a statistical report on August 26, 2010 that shows the average cost of an indemnity claim reached $60,253 in 2009 -- of which $19,682 was spent on indemnity and $40,571 was spent on medical costs. In comparison, the 2005 average cost

Sent to collections for unpaid Workers Compensation medical bills?

I received a call yesterday from a client that was upset because their company was sent to collections for unpaid workers compensation medical bills. The language in the letters from the collection agencies are very threatening to you and your company. With the current economic times and credit rating being a

Hello from Rene in Kingsburg!

Hello world! As a Work Comp Advisor, and a former claims liaison with the State Compensation Insurance Fund, helping businesses reduce their insurance costs is my goal. I truly enjoy using my experience to save money for Van Beurden clients. Happy New Year 2010, and thanks for reading my first blog post.