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How to Choose the Right Auto Insurance – Part One

Before you hit the road in California you must have auto insurance and be able to prove it. Like millions of insured drivers on the road, you pay a premium to an insurance company but, like most drivers, you haven’t filed a claim in years. But that’s how insurance works. If

Top 5 Most Overlooked Types of Insurance

  When you buy a car, you get auto insurance.  When you purchase a house, you purchase a homeowners policy.  When you get married or have a baby, often times you purchase a life insurance policy to protect the ones you love.  Outside of these situations, it's typical for the average consumer to rarely give insurance a

Summer Is Almost Here!

  Is your boat or jet-ski insured??? There are five common mistakes boat owners make with their insurance coverage. Whether they believe they do not need insurance because they own their boat, or because the boat isn’t physically in the water during the off-season, there are widespread misconceptions about when boat and

Is Your Boat Insurance Ready for Summer?

Summer is almost here and if you are a boat owner you are most likely planning your day on the water. However, before coasting away from land- do you know if your watercraft insurance is current and valid? Not only that, do you really understand what boating insurance covers, and