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Family protected against mudslides

Protect Yourself, Your Family, Belongings and Business from Mudflow

Periods of heavy rainfall have been predicted for winter. Beyond flooding dangers, heavy rainfall often leads to mudflow – a river of mud – and landslides caused by destabilized land shifting due to gradual erosion or sudden accumulation of water. Mudflows can be as dangerous and costly as mudslides. Mudslides occur


The Real Risk Ahead: Fires and Floods

Wildfires in the Western United States have increased in frequency and intensity. This year in California, the wildfire season began long before the actual fire season, and the fires have broken records. The horror, devastating damage and loss of the fires and smoke affects nearly every Californian, there’s an additional threat

5 Really Good Reasons to Buy Pet Insurance

Pet owners already know how much they cherish their furry friends. But few pet owners know about one of the most important things we can do for the little tail wagers: pet insurance. We humans embrace dogs, cats and other companion animals as full-fledged family members. We read the fine print

You and your clients may have noticed increasing umbrella rates – here’s why

Fast-rising costs have affected auto rates – and umbrella rates are facing similar trends. While many carriers respond by restricting coverage, I’ve found Safeco continues to offer a true umbrella product with useful coverages like Internet libel, personal defense and worldwide liability. COVID-19 may be driving a short-term decrease in miles driven,

How Much Insurance Is Enough?

What kind of answer do you get when you ask folks how much insurance you should have? Ask an insurance agent, and they might tell you to buy as much as you can afford. Ask an underwriter, and they might tell you to buy as much as they’ll approve. Ask a customer, and

It’s Cold Out! Fireplace Safety Tips for a Cozy Winter Season

For many people, the home fireplace becomes more than decorative when it gets cold outside. Fireplaces provide many families with heat to stay warm and toasty – this list can help you keep track of proper maintenance and make sure your fireplace is ready for regular use. General fireplace and chimney

New Vehicle Ownership, Driving Laws

Almost every year there are a large number of new California laws affecting vehicle owners and drivers, and 2020 is no exception. California’s Clean Air Vehicle Decal Program has changed. Qualifying low- and zero-emission vehicles can use the high-occupancy vehicle or diamond lanes, regardless of how many people are in the vehicle.

Protecting Your College Student From On-Campus Losses

Preventative measures, safety precautions – and the right insurance – can bring peace of mind. With burglaries constituting approximately 50 percent of all on-campus crimes, it's important for college students and their parents take steps to prevent theft, adhere to safety measures—and review their insurance coverage. Contact an insurance professional (like me)

Fire Insurance is Imperative in a Changing Climate – Part 3

Give your household the best chance of surviving a wildfire by being ready to go and evacuating early. This includes going through pre-evacuation preparation steps (only if time allows) to increase your home’s defenses, as well as creating a Wildfire Action Plan for your family. Being ready to go also

Fire Insurance is Imperative in a Changing Climate – Part 2

Get Set … Before wildfire strikes, it’s important to GET SET and prepare yourself, your family, and your home for the possibility of evacuation. There are three main preparation actions that should be completed and familiar to all members of your household long in advance of a wildfire. 3 Steps to Getting Set: