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Recia K. Shelton, M.A.
Account Executive

10 years in Sports Medicine around the country has enabled me to recognize risks and take steps to mitigate those risks. This experience – carried over to producing Workers’ Compensation insurance – can result in lowered premiums for you and an overall sense of security from the unknown. I will provide you with more than a quote. My goal is to ensure you feel your company is in the best position possible, providing the best coverage for your employees, while having a full understanding of what it is you’re paying for.

As I build a new life on the Central Coast I am committed to developing lasting relationships with my clients. Fostering a sense of community is crucial to me as I start a family in San Luis Obispo and look forward to opportunities to serve in the community. My husband, Richard Shelton, is a prominent winemaker on the Central Coast and has shown me the beauty of the wine industry. With his insight – firsthand knowledge of the conflicts and opportunities within wineries – I’ll provide affordable, sensible, creative solutions for you and your business.

Recia’s Customer Service Representative

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