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Super Safe Driving Tips for Teenage Drivers

Teenage drivers are responsible for more auto accidents than any other age group. Let that sink in: drivers aged 16-19 have more accidents than drivers older than them, Many accidents could be prevented if young people practiced safer driving techniques, keeping themselves (and their passengers) safe on the road. Plus, they’ll

Top Tips for Parents to Share with Teen Drivers

There’s nothing quite as exhilarating as seeing your teen take their first solo drive down the road without you. Chances are, you’re a mix of emotions swirling between pride and anxiety. Will they remember everything you or their driver’s ed teacher taught them? Since your teen is still in learning mode,

How To Stay Safe While Driving At Night

Summer has ended and with the upcoming time change, many of us will drive home from work in the dark. According to the National Safety Commission (NSC), more than 50% of fatalities for vehicle occupants 16 and older occur between 6pm and 6a,. Safeco Insurance put together some helpful tips

Winterizing Your Home – 10 Simple Steps

  Most of us are well on our way into the winter mindset:  Hunker down, nestle by the fire and stay warm.  Even so, it's never too late to winterize your home.  The U.S. Department of Energy shares these tips to help maximize the warmth and save some dough. Apply weather stripping or

El Nino? El What?

  El Niño has become a buzz-worthy term these last few weeks.  If you're a curious sort, or a weather buff, or you love Google as much as I do, then you've probably done your share of "official research" on the subject.  If not, here's El Niño in a nutshell: Picture a bowl of

Top 5 Most Overlooked Types of Insurance

  When you buy a car, you get auto insurance.  When you purchase a house, you purchase a homeowners policy.  When you get married or have a baby, often times you purchase a life insurance policy to protect the ones you love.  Outside of these situations, it's typical for the average consumer to rarely give insurance a

Sending Your Kid Off to College? Make Sure They Have Insurance.

  Ask any parent who has ever moved a kid off to college:  When our kids move, they take a lot of stuff with them!  From furniture and TV's to cell phones and PC's, they can fill a dorm room or an apartment pretty quickly.  In order to protect those valuables, it's important to

Mold: A (Growing) Concern

  There's no question that mold is an issue for most homeowners.  You can find it in some form in most every home. If not treated or removed, it can lead to extensive damage and cause major health issues - especially for people with allergies or asthma. In recent years, mold has been

Teen Drivers – Keeping Our Kids Safe

  Teen drivers are young, inexperienced and often distracted. They can be overly cautious and nervous, or they may be carefree and feel invincible. All of these lead to higher instances of accidents and traffic tickets along with much higher insurance premiums. But, above all else, statistics show that motor vehicle crashes are

A Conversation with Your Insurance Agent – 5 Things to Discuss

As an insurance professional, I read a lot of blogs by other insurance professionals and insurance carriers.  Browsing my favorite blogs the other day, I came across one from Enhanced Insurance that was particularly interesting to me.  Below are some topics from their blog that any well-informed insured should speak with their