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Top Tips for Parents to Share with Teen Drivers

There’s nothing quite as exhilarating as seeing your teen take their first solo drive down the road without you. Chances are, you’re a mix of emotions swirling between pride and anxiety. Will they remember everything you or their driver’s ed teacher taught them?

Since your teen is still in learning mode, here are a few uncommon tips I like to share with parents as they prep their kids for the road.

Driving in the fog

I’m not talking about simply about an overcast day, but how to drive in the thick Tule fog we’ve seen across California. The worst part about this type of fog is you never know when it will strike. Let your teen know that when driving in thick fog it’s important to always use your headlights, which means your taillights will also be on, increasing your visibility to other drivers. Surprisingly, high beams are not recommended because they can intensify the glare making it more difficult for you to see what’s ahead.

How to check the oil

You don’t have to have the skills of a mechanic to check a vehicle’s oil levels! This is one of the basic skills every teen driver should have, because the oil is the lifeblood of a car. Whether you train your teen yourself or watch a YouTube video together, knowing how to check the oil can empower your teen to prioritize overall car care and maintenance.

Understanding navigational directions

Everyone understands what it means when you’re directed to exit to the right, but could your teen tell you what direction north is? Start with the basics. Ask your teen if your home is located on the west side of town and you’re heading to the mall that is on the opposite side of town from your home, which direction would you be heading? Of course, the handy mnemonic, “Never Eat Shredded Wheat” can be helpful too.

What other uncommon tips are worth sharing? If you have any questions about adding a teen to your auto insurance policy, feel free to email me at



Andrea Romo

Sales Associate | Woodland