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What the Legislature and Jerry Brown Did While We Were Sleeping and How it Affects Nearly Every Employer in California!!

First off, this is not going to be good news to employers with 5 or more employees. Secondly please read this before continuing: . So basically, one offense and the claim becomes triable. In the past there had to be several reports in order for it to become triable and

The Dynamex Decision and Workers’ Compensation

A recent California State Supreme Court Decision has sent a shockwave through many industries and may adversely affect the way a lot of companies formed themselves, and will affect their business model. It is important to note that the Dynamex v. Lee decision was brought to the court as a

The Simple Truth About Modifications in California

In dealing with the changes in the new modification calculation (4th one in 4 years) by the WCIRB, I have been attempting to explain what happened to a majority of my clients. Below is an actual email that I sent to a client in order to attempt to explain what

Defending the Profits of your Company

Do you have Vendors, or Allies? I view running a company to being a football coach attempting to keep ground (profits) already taken and adding to that ground whenever it is possible using your valued employees by putting them in a position to be successful. Your company has been very successful

And Now There Is Fire

Back in November of 2014 I published a blog about an issue Barrett Business Systems seemingly had titled "I See Smoke On Mount BBSI". Well it smoldered for a good while and now there is fire. BBSI has been informed by staff at the San Francisco office of the Division of Enforcement of

WCIRB Ruling on Mandatory Sick Pay

Paying premium when there is no exposure to the Work Comp carrier. Recently I was asked a very simple and timely question by one of my long time clients. The question was: "Does Workers Compensation apply to sick leave pay?" Initially, I was going to fire back a "No" response based

Californias New Sick Pay Law Webinar

Please register for “Is your business ready to comply with California's new sick pay law?” on Jun 16, 2015 3:00 PM PDT at: Van Beurden Insurance Services is pleased to partner with Payality to provide a free webinar with detailed information on the new California Sick Pay law that becomes effective

Defensible Position For The New Heat Illness Standard

I have been giving this some serious thought as employers in the central valley and on the coast are already being written up for violating the new heat illness standard. With careful consideration and the input of 2 Cal Osha defense council we see two ways to get into a

Operations Audit

A new growing season is upon us and we thought you should take a moment and rate your company’s performance in the following areas. If you have any concerns, we can help. Cal –Osha / Compliance How confident are you that you are fully compliant with Cal-Osha regulations and record keeping?   How confident