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Hello from Brad in Los Osos

Insurance can be dynamic, multifaceted and complicated. My desire is to make it accessible to people, and easy to understand. I enjoy educating people and working together to develop a plan to meet their goals.

President’s Message

At Van Beurden Insurance Services, Inc., we like to think we have been able to combine the best of both worlds: the resources of a large company with the commitment and family tradition of a smaller firm. Our philosophy is that happy, experienced, and dedicated employees provide optimum

Hello from Erik

Welcome to my blog.  I promise to post regularly to keep you up to date on important happenings in the insurance world.

Hello from Brigette in Kingsburg!

Hello world! I first joined Van Beurden in 1994, and I think what I enjoy most is the people I get to meet everyday and the customers I provide service to. Insurance can be overwhelming for some customers; it's my job to help make good decisions. Happy New Year 2010, and thanks

Hello from Brian in Kingsburg!

Hello world! I enjoy the daily interaction with my customers. I joined Van Beurden in 1986 to help businesses make better insurance decisions. As a Work Comp Advisor, I specialize in agribusiness, churches and non-profits. Happy New Year 2010, and thanks for reading my first blog post. We plan to update these

Hello from Brian in Kingsburg!

Hello world! I started with Van Beurden in 1993. I am a Work Comp Advisor and dental office specialist. I love to help people solve problems. I love the relationships. Many of the people I met when I first started are still important clients today. Happy New Year 2010, and thanks for

Hello from Guy in Kingsburg!

Hello world! I've been with Van Beurden since 1995. I started in the insurance business because I saw it as a career that I could commit myself to for the long term. I am a Certified Professional Work Comp Advisor, and I am pleased to provide my clients with unparralleled service. I

Hello from Aniek in Woodland!

Hello world! I started my career at Van Beurden when I was just 17 years old. What I enjoy most about what I do is helping customers identify their risk exposures as they travel through different seasons of their lives. I can help protect their finances, and all the things that

Hello from Mark in Kingsburg!

Hello world! I started with Van Beurden in 2000, and I think it's important to make people more confident about their employee benefits choices. The way to do that is to provide superior service and show businesses how to control the cost of benefits. Happy New Year 2010, and thanks for reading

Hello from Ron in Los Osos!

Hello world! I have been in the insurance business for more than 30 years - the last 15 with Van Beurden - and I've enjoyed learning how different businesses operate. Of course, each industry serves a different part of the economy so it is rewarding to be part of my clients'