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Cycling is on the Rise … Do You Have the Coverage You Need?

As gasoline prices increase, more and more commuters are going green and saving by biking to and from work.  Making sure you have the proper coverage is important! “A bike can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars for a basic model to several thousand dollars for a fast, light

Flood Insurance Rate Map Changes for the City of Woodland

FEMA flood map changes for the city of Woodland took effect 5/16/2012 and may allow new decisions related to flood coverage. Property owners should visit the City of Woodland website  to determine if their property has been placed in the low to moderate risk flood zones B, C or X. We recommend

Are You and Your Family Protected From the Unexpected?

Did you know two out of every three homes nationwide are underinsured? In fact, 64% of homeowners are underinsured by an average of 19%.* Don't wait until you have to a loss to find out whether you have the right coverage. Talk to a Van Beurden Insurance Advisor today and get professional assistance

Do You Have Adequate Coverage for Your Condominium?

Condominiums are a great homeowner option for many – no grass to cut and no snow to shovel. Owning a condo can take some work out of home ownership, but making sure you’re properly insured can be tricky. Insurance carriers offer a broad range of coverages that can

Life Insurance Reality Check: Do You Have Enough?

Life insurance is something that no one likes to think about.  All the same, 86% of Americans believe that life insurance is something most people need, and most of us have some.1 That’s the good news. The bad news is that most Americans don’t have enough. More than a third don’t

National Flood Insurance Program will NOT expire on September 30, 2011

According to Fidelity Flood Insurance Company:  The House of Representatives passed a short term funding bill that will prevent a shutdown of the federal government and continue funding for the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) until Tuesday Oct. 4.   When they return from recess Congress has the option to consider short term

New Law Requires Carbon Monoxide Detector

A new law that took effect July 1, the Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Prevention Act of 2010 (SB 183), requires homeowners, landlords, apartment managers and builders to install carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors in an effort to prevent accidental deaths. Those who don’t could receive a 30-day notice to comply, or

Water Damage 10 Times More Likely Than Fire

While fire may be a common worry among homeowners, claims data from Travelers suggests that homes could be as much as 10 times more likely to be damaged by water than by fire. Fortunately, much of this water-related damage can be prevented, and taking a few simple home maintenance steps can