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HR Technology Solutions

Whether you’re a startup or a small to medium business you’ll no doubt already have experienced the dreaded mountain of paperwork that comes with ensuring the smooth running of all your HR processes. If done manually, this paperwork can see you (literally) pulling your hair out, which is where our

Defensible Position For The New Heat Illness Standard

I have been giving this some serious thought as employers in the central valley and on the coast are already being written up for violating the new heat illness standard. With careful consideration and the input of 2 Cal Osha defense council we see two ways to get into a

IRS: Vast Majority of Independent Contractors are Mislabeled

Forbes reports that the IRS is taking a much closer look at workers labeled as “independent contractors,” and that could mean potential trouble for employers. When employers pay independent contractors, there’s no income tax withholding, no employment taxes – it’s the responsibility of the worker to pay taxes. Even assuming that

Is AB 2346 Legislation a Small Step to Disaster?

I smell smoke, so there may be a fire smoldering in the form of new legislation in California that is meant to protect farm laborers from Heat Illness. According to a news report, "Assemblywoman Betsy Butler (D-El Segundo) has just introduced a bill (AB 2346) she says will add teeth to

The Fragmentation of the Work Comp Market in California

The number of players in the California Work Comp Market right now is staggering. I do not believe that California consumers have ever had this wide range of choice in selecting an insuring company. The widening of this market has brought relative chaos to the old orderly system, which did

Executive Officers of a Corporation and Premium Calculation

Many small companies doing business as a corporation are confused about the guidelines established by the California Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau regarding Executive Officers. “Executive Officers” means those officers of a corporation or limited liability company commonly known as President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. I've seen the following situation

California Workers Comp “Coming and Going” Rule Exceptions

The “Coming and Going Rule” basically states that when an employee is traveling to work or traveling home from work and they are injured in a motor vehicle accident, they are not covered by workers compensation. The injuries suffered are not compensable because the employer derives no benefit from an

AB2774 – DOSH Writes Its Own New Standard

Cal OSHA is probably rejoicing right now with the announced passage of AB2774. This new bill lowers the burden of proof that was once the biggest hurdle for Cal OSHA to overcome when trying to confirm a "Serious Violation" with the appeals board. In the past, the employer has had a good opportunity