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A Risk Management Process with Real-World Results

I have a current client who works in the construction industry and they have a Workers Compensation policy with roughly 50 employees. My relationship with this client began four months ago after we went through our Risk Assessment. Upon reviewing, our team created a strategic plan to correct the issues

Van Beurden’s Alternative Approach: A True Story

I recently met with a business that was facing a big premium increase. Here is their story. This business had a long-standing relationship (20+ years) with their broker and per the business, their relationship with the broker was satisfactory – a very common theme I hear in our industry. Several months before

Our Work Comp Alternative Approach Saves You $$

Here’s a story of how my discovery of a simple calculation error led to a substantial savings in Work Comp costs for a longtime business client. It is incredible how many California Work Comp premiums can be reduced through Van Beurden’s Alternative Approach that includes a detailed experience modification (Ex-Mod) audit. In

The New Normal: How Can Your Business Protect Assets Today & Tomorrow?

The Insurance Journal recently published a surprising article about Business Interruption Insurance -- lawsuits have surpassed 700. Claims surrounding Business Interruption Insurance are complex and as a result will take years for everything to play out in court. Bottom line, there is a common feeling in the insurance industry that coverages

FAQ On Issues Affecting California Small Businesses

This is an unprecedented time for all. Van Beurden Insurance wants to help everyone navigate through this unknown territory. What is covered? What is not? What are your options as a business owner? Does Workers’ Compensation insurance apply to COVID-19? Workers’ Compensation insurance could apply in cases where a person contracted the