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Poor service creates an unexpected financial drain … Part 1

I started working with a residential plumbing contractor who told me they were receiving sub-par customer service.

The owner and I had a brief conversation about the Van Beurden Alternative Approach to see if it would be a right fit for their business operations. The owner agreed it was, and we moved forward with our Risk Assessment.

I have said in the past that not every business is the right fit for our approach. It is important for clients to feel comfortable with our Alternative Approach and to see the benefits to their operations.

We found a few issues that had a negative financial impact on their premiums. I presented our findings and offered a clear strategic path to fixing the issues we uncovered; they agreed to become our client.

We discovered that their payroll provider was charging an extremely high fee for items that should have been included. We also found a significant savings by moving the insured to a new Workers’ Compensation carrier, all totaling a savings of over $32,000.

Not only did we discover savings for our client, but we also discovered several areas where they needed additional help on strengthening their safety programs.

This is a great story about our Alternative Approach, and how it can lead to satisfactory – and money-saving – outcomes. Finding risk, threats and more importantly, waste!

I would love to speak with you about our process to see if we’re the right fit.

Let’s set up a brief 15 minute call to see if our process is the right fit for you. There is no pressure with our process, but we can assure you value will come from our conversation.

We look forward to starting a conversation to see how we can help. Call our office today!


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