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A New Choice for Dental Professional Liability

Everyone likes to have choices. Dentists have many choices when it comes to how they run their practice. One area where dentists have had very limited choices was in their options for Professional Liability Insurance. For instance, another large Malpractice Insurer in California sells a product that gives the insured dentist no

Association-sponsored Work Comp Programs Are Not Always Your Best Option

During the past 15 years, I have worked with thousands of dentists. Most of them purchased their Workers' Compensation insurance through their association. Did they do this because the association product offered the lowest rates? Definitely not! Did they do so because they received better claims service, better payment options,

Why are Work Comp Claims So Costly?

The average cost of an indemnity claim is now over $60,000! Why?  There are many factors as to why costs are increasing so much.  These are but a few: Increased medical costs More medical procedures being requested Early Return to Work is not as available, due to economic times Litigation One of the biggest factors

Why Can’t Work Comp Be Easier?

For years, business owners have complained about the same things regarding Workers' Compensation Insurance: Large Deposits High Rates Policy Audits Difficult Payment Plans Aren't these the things that bother you the most about Work Comp? These can be especially bothersome for smaller businesses, who never seem to see the same aggressive offers from Insurance Companies. These

Work Comp for Dentists

What is it that a Dentist wants from his Workers Comp?  As most dentists never use this State Mandated coverage, I assume that what they want is the lowest rate possible.  Do you agree? For 15 years I have worked hard to provide dentists with the lowest cost Workers Compensation Insurance

Hello from Brian in Kingsburg!

Hello world! I started with Van Beurden in 1993. I am a Work Comp Advisor and dental office specialist. I love to help people solve problems. I love the relationships. Many of the people I met when I first started are still important clients today. Happy New Year 2010, and thanks for