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Work Comp for Dentists

What is it that a Dentist wants from his Workers Comp?  As most dentists never use this State Mandated coverage, I assume that what they want is the lowest rate possible.  Do you agree?

For 15 years I have worked hard to provide dentists with the lowest cost Workers Compensation Insurance available.  In that time our program has become the 2nd largest dental insurance group in California.  But why not the largest?  If you are a dentist with a good claims history and you are not in our group, why would you want to pay more?  This is the question that I need your help in answering.

IS IT COVERAGE CONCERNS?:  All Work Comp coverage in California is statutory, meaning the State sets the coverage for all carriers, so there is no difference there.

IS IT CARRIER CONCERNS?:  We have never used a carrier with less than an “A”- AM Best Rating and we never will.

IS IT CONCERNS ABOUT FEES?:  Our program is one of the only programs for dentists that does not include fees.

IS IT CONCERNS ABOUT UNDERSTANDING THE NEEDS OF DENTISTS?: Our group presently insures over 3,000 dentists.  We are, to my knowledge, the only program that has ever changed the way claims are handled specifically for dentist.  We have developed easier payment plans and even integrated our Dental Work Comp Group with California’s largest Health provider to better protect dentist’s and their workers and to save even more money on both products.

So you tell me, why aren’t more dentists using this product?  I would love to hear your comments or suggestions.


Brian Booth

Dental Program Manager | Kingsburg