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Cal/OSHA Advisory: Submit Federal OSHA Injury Reports by July 1

Though Cal/OSHA has not yet adopted a state rule, it is advising employers to comply with Federal OSHA's directive to provide Form 300A data covering calendar year 2017. Federal OSHA requires affected employers to submit their data by July 1, 2018. Beginning in 2019 and every year thereafter, covered establishments must

Cyber Risk Grows as Hacking Becomes Common

If your company relies on digital technology (that’s just about everybody) you’re in danger of waking one morning to learn someone has meddled with your digital data. Cyber crime is foremost in the news because international hackers supported by countries unfriendly to the United States, have directed enormous efforts to disrupt

#MeToo Awareness Likely to Increase Sexual Harassment Complaints

I recently read, in the Insurance Journal, that seven in 10 human resource professionals believe sexual harassment complaints at their places of business will be higher (or much higher) this year over previous years. The #MeToo Movement – women across America and around the world speaking or writing about their universal

I-9 Enforcement and its Impact on Employers

Immigration has become one of the most highly debated topics among politicians and residents alike. No matter what your view is, we know that this is a difficult and sensitive topic to navigate. As a business owner it can be even more complex. We’re now seeing action being taken in our

Preventing Harassment in the Hospitality Workplace

In our neck of the woods, hospitality is a driving force in our economy. Whether you’re a hotel or a restaurant, the hospitality industry has a diverse group of employees who work with customers directly every day. Taking a look at any headlines from the past several months and there have

OSHA Releases “Top 10” Violations List

Spend any amount of time on the Internet and you’re bound to come across a "Top 10" list of some sort. Sometimes they make you laugh and sometimes they make you reminisce on the good times, but I’ve got one that should get you thinking. OSHA released their "Top 10 Most

Is How You Buy Insurance Harming Your Business?

The time to begin evaluating new insurance policies for your business will be here before you know it. Before you start thinking about insurance for 2018, I want to tell you something: The way you are buying insurance might be hurting your businesses. A Look At The Average Employer’s Insurance Buying