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You and your clients may have noticed increasing umbrella rates – here’s why

Fast-rising costs have affected auto rates – and umbrella rates are facing similar trends. While many carriers respond by restricting coverage, I’ve found Safeco continues to offer a true umbrella product with useful coverages like Internet libel, personal defense and worldwide liability. COVID-19 may be driving a short-term decrease in miles driven,

Protect Your Company: Are Customer Waivers the New Normal?

After months of pandemic lockdowns, communities are reopening and businesses are finding we live in an entirely new world. Waivers – forms signed by customers entering your place of business – are becoming the new normal. From hair salons and recreation centers to stock exchanges and wedding photographers, the notices have sprung

How a New California Law Impacts Your ACA Compliance Process

As if California employers didn’t have enough to worry about, according to The ACA Times, employers may have another level of complexity coming their way in regards to “contract workers” and compliance with the Affordable Care Act. When California Assembly Bill 5 (AB5) becomes law this January, employers will be required

Manufacturing Companies Need Cyber Insurance

Nearly every company relies on digital technology. That means nearly every company is facing the danger of unwanted individuals and entities messing around in your company’s digital data. To begin, the digital security of an organization can only be as strong as the basic judgment of its employees. It only takes

Will the Commercial Auto Market Improve?

With the auto sector taking rate increases, what are business owners doing to minimize the increase to their bottom line? What procedures are they putting in place to minimize the rate increase? What does the future look like and how will auto rates impact future budgeting cost for business