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Business Interruption Coverage

  Typically, when business owners think of incurring an insurance loss, they imagine an employee getting hurt on the job, or a fire breaking out in a warehouse or office, thereby damaging or destroying property and goods.  But how often do you consider where and how you would conduct business in

Cyber Attack: Is Your Company at Risk?

We have all seen the stories about companies that have had HUGE problems because they didn’t protect the personal information of their customers while in their control. In a well-known case, Target just agreed to pay $20,000,000 to settle a claim from a 2013 data breach. Is your business at risk

How important is it to hire the right employees?

The difference between hiring the right employees and hiring the wrong employees is usually the difference between a successful business and a failed business. At Van Beurden Insurance, we have developed a process to help you avoid the consequences of a bad hire – which happens more often than most of

Cyber Liability – Are you Safe Without It?

Cyber Liability: Questions to Ask About Your Coverage We’ve all heard the stories of overseas hackers breaking into networks to steal credit card numbers, and other private information. The fact of the matter is, it’s happening with increasing frequency, and even though you think your network is protected by passwords and

A New Choice for Dental Professional Liability

Everyone likes to have choices. Dentists have many choices when it comes to how they run their practice. One area where dentists have had very limited choices was in their options for Professional Liability Insurance. For instance, another large Malpractice Insurer in California sells a product that gives the insured dentist no

California employers have many CAL/OSHA responsibilities

California employers have many different responsibilities under the California Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1973 and Title 8 of the California Code of Regulations. The following represents a list of the most important ones. Establish, implement and maintain an Injury and Illness Prevention Program and update it periodically to

Health Care Reform and Employer Compliance

Now that the Supreme Court has upheld Health Care Reform, what is left for employers to do? A.) Uniform Explanation of Coverage to Employees. Failure to comply is $1,000 fine per employee B.) Modification Notices to Employees. Failure to comply is $1,000 fine per employee C.) W-2 reporting D.) Certification of Employers health plan annually to

Executive Bonus Plans Considered

Running a successful business often depends on recruiting, rewarding, and retaining talented executives and key employees who are committed to the business owner’s goals. In addition to paying an attractive salary, the business owner must offer a competitive benefits package. Trouble is, government regulations make it difficult for employers to

Benefits Triangulation Webinar Invitation

FREE WEBINAR HERE!! Are you sure your Workers' Compensation policy is in line with your Group Health Policy? Do you know why they should be talking to one another? Are you aware of how FMLA and COBRA are connected to both of these coverages? Owners/Partners/Officers excluded under your work comp coverage? If you are unsure

A Nightmare of Data Theft & Cyber Attack to Avoid

People were celebrating a recent New Year’s Eve in the streets and clubs of San Diego, when burglars broke into the offices of a nearby company and carried off computer hardware. Undiscovered until after the holiday, it appeared to be a random theft. In addition to the computers, the burglars got