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Dual Wage Disaster – WCIRB Considers Rate Threshhold Increases

If you’re a subcontracting company for excavation, plastering, stucco and sewer construction, you may be seeing a huge increase in your Workers’ Comp premiums next year. Here’s why: A proposed change to the dual wage classification system is going before the Governing Committee in August. If the insurance commissioner adopts the

The Connection Between Steven Tyler and Your Work Comp Rates

Recently I listened to an interview of Steven Tyler (yes, the front person for Aerosmith and now an American Idol judge). The discussion involved his 2009 stage fall and subsequent damage to his shoulder which contributed to the cancellation of the band's tour. Tyler expressed rage following the incident at his

The Fragmentation of the Work Comp Market in California

The number of players in the California Work Comp Market right now is staggering. I do not believe that California consumers have ever had this wide range of choice in selecting an insuring company. The widening of this market has brought relative chaos to the old orderly system, which did

Personal Safety at Work, Home and On the Road

Don Phinn Esq., President of HR That Works! has developed his "Mothership of checklists" for safety practices at work, at home and on the road. In this brief checklist Don compiles various personal observations with recommendations from other sources including very useful links. Check it out by clicking here and

Work Comp Insurance and Payroll Combined for Best of Both!

It's only after you put your Work Comp insurance and payroll service together that you realize it was something you should have done a long time ago. It saves money, time and, did I mention it saves money? There is a very good reason Van Beurden Insurance Services and the Payality

MPN’s, Medical Liens, and the WCAB

There has been a huge upturn in the number of litigated claims over the past 2 years in California Workers' Compensation. Now approximately 40-50% of claims are becoming litigated and virtually 100% of claims older than 2 years are in litigation. When I was told this, my initial question was: Why?

California Workers’ Compensation Claims Costs Rise

The Workers' Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau of California (WCIRB)  issued a statistical report on August 26, 2010 that shows the average cost of an indemnity claim reached $60,253 in 2009 -- of which $19,682 was spent on indemnity and $40,571 was spent on medical costs. In comparison, the 2005 average cost

Follow-up on previous post

Hit the link to see a recent column by Fresno Bee writer Dan Walters. I think if you read my previous blog and then read this article, it will clearly illustrate the situation that the Work Comp system is in here in California. Political pandering has muddled the real market

Self Insured Group Goes Down

And might take its members with them. The following is from a recent article from the Insurance Journal Online. California Contractors Self-Insured Group Closes By Patricia-Anne Tom April 30, 2010 The California Office of Self-Insured Plans is revoking the certificate of the Contractors Access Program of California (CAP), a self-insured group of contractors, as requested by

Independent Contractors and the New Economy

The fact of the matter is, there is much confusion regarding the status of who actually is an independent contractor. Despite rumors that the economy is slowly, very slowly rebounding, government entities nationally are in fiscal holes: The Obama administration estimates that there is up to $2.7 billion+ in unpaid Social Security,