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The Connection Between Steven Tyler and Your Work Comp Rates

Recently I listened to an interview of Steven Tyler (yes, the front person for Aerosmith and now an American Idol judge).

The discussion involved his 2009 stage fall and subsequent damage to his shoulder which contributed to the cancellation of the band’s tour. Tyler expressed rage following the incident at his band mates. Why? Not one of them came to the hospital or checked in to see how he was doing. Talk about total lack of communication. He shared that he is, after all, a human being and felt abandoned by the band. Where was their loyalty? Did they care?

Now consider the commercial workplace. Let’s imagine Tyler was an injured worker. Imagine his expressed level of frustration being taken out on the workers’ compensation system? Now we are talking about a monster claim.

How often the question arises as to what contributes most significantly to development of many large claims in the system. Although there are many factors to consider, the one that arises most often is lack of communication. Already injured, the employee becomes a pariah. Who from their employment has contacted them other than to fill out forms? They feel alone. What a mistake employers make for not having a system in place to stay in touch with an injured individual. A call to see how they are doing, a card or calls from co-workers could help. Common decency expressed in allowing someone to still feel valuable to their organization and creating a desire to re-join a productive work environment is definitely something to be considered.

If you are an employer and would appreciate assistance in developing and implementing proven processes and techniques that can improve your workers’ comp bottom line, please contact me.

Mark O'Bryan

Vice President | Los Osos