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Work Comp Insurance and Payroll Combined for Best of Both!

It’s only after you put your Work Comp insurance and payroll service together that you realize it was something you should have done a long time ago. It saves money, time and, did I mention it saves money?

There is a very good reason Van Beurden Insurance Services and the Payality payroll service go together like milk and cookies. It is best exemplified by a recent telephone conversation I had with a former office manager of a client. She moved on to a new company that, like Van Beurden and Payality, provides payroll and workers’ compensation insurance.

In my conversation I learned that an issue with the work comp had developed and the client’s agent (an employee of the payroll company) took more than five calls to finally respond — and didn’t provide much assistance at that. Apparently, that happens a lot.

Had the company gone with Van Beurden and Payality, they’d have instead been able to take advantage of the XactPAY workers’ compensation program. My clients benefit from the expertise of years of payroll service from Payality and from my personalized services as an independent agent specializing in workers’ comp. We have a “can-do” attitude that provides fast response, and the lowest possible cost. Our no deposit “Pay-As-You-Go” system is a very valuable feature.

My conversation with the office manager showed me that she is finding out the hard way how poorly she can be served — I look forward to being of assistance when her policy comes up for renewal!

Please contact me if you are interested in managing your payroll and workers’ comp costs.

Mark O'Bryan

Vice President | Los Osos