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August 5, 2019 Fire Insurance is Imperative in a Changing Climate – Part 3

Give your household the best chance of surviving a wildfire by being ready to go and evacuating early. This includes going through pre-evacuation preparation steps (only if time allows) to increase your home’s defenses, as well as creating a Wildfire Action Plan for your family. Being ready to go also

July 30, 2019 Fire Insurance is Imperative in a Changing Climate – Part 2

Get Set … Before wildfire strikes, it’s important to GET SET and prepare yourself, your family, and your home for the possibility of evacuation. There are three main preparation actions that should be completed and familiar to all members of your household long in advance of a wildfire. 3 Steps to Getting Set:

July 26, 2019 Restaurants & Bars: Serving Up the Latest Cyber Risk Target

Over the past quarter-century, restaurants and bars have adopted technology that has turned them into streamlined, completely digital operations that probably couldn’t put out a single meal if the server went down. Nearly every restaurant and bar in the U.S. depends on technology to some extent. Menus may be accessed on

July 22, 2019 Fire Insurance is Imperative in Our Changing Climate

Most people aren’t ready for a wildfire, but there are steps you can take to reduce the risk. Maintain an adequate defensible space around your home and protect your home using fire resistant building materials. “Defensible space” is a buffer around your home that you can create by removing dead plants, grass and

June 3, 2019 Manufacturing Companies Need Cyber Insurance

Nearly every company relies on digital technology. That means nearly every company is facing the danger of unwanted individuals and entities messing around in your company’s digital data. To begin, the digital security of an organization can only be as strong as the basic judgment of its employees. It only takes

May 14, 2019 Will the Commercial Auto Market Improve?

With the auto sector taking rate increases, what are business owners doing to minimize the increase to their bottom line? What procedures are they putting in place to minimize the rate increase? What does the future look like and how will auto rates impact future budgeting cost for business